C# – Arrays

In programming, a variable is used to store a value in memory. Arrays are a type of variable that is able to store multiple values. Arrays can be thought of as a container of values. This article will explain how to use arrays in C#. In C#, arrays must be of the same data type …

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Javascript – How To Add CSS Styles To console.log Messages

In Javascript, console.log() is used to print messages to the developer tools console to help with debugging. The console output can be updated to have CSS styles. This can be helpful when debugging if you have many console messages and you would like a certain message to stand out to be able to quickly find …

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C# – Null-Conditional Operators (?. and ?[])

The System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. exception is a common exception in C#. This exception is thrown when a variable of reference type is null and it is attempted to be accessed. This error can be avoided by using if conditions to make sure the variable is not null …

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C# – Null-Coalescing Operator (??)

Using the null-coalescing operator is a concise way to check if a variable or function has a value before returning it and if the variable or function does not have a value then return a default value. In C#, two consecutive question mark characters ?? is used as the null-coalescing operator.

C# – String Interpolation

This tutorial will explain what string interpolation is and how to use it in the C# programming language. The tutorial will also compare strings created with string interpolation to strings created by concatenation and composite formatting to show the benefits of using string interpolation.

Windows – How To Rename A File To Start With A Dot

While working in Windows there may be situations that you need to create or rename a file or folder to start with a dot and not have a file extension. This often happens if you are developing a website locally on a Windows PC and uploading the website to a Linux web server.